Whittier & La Habra 

Republican Assembly

Whittier La Habra Republican

Who are we?  Some of the founding members of SoCal Patriots are also involved with a local chapter of the California Republican Assembly… or the “CRA”.  The CRA is filled with traditional family values conservatives and mostly made up of grass roots volunteers that care about their communities. 

The CRA is chartered under the CAGOP, and therefore has some influence in the California Republican party.  Our local chapter of the CRA supports the efforts of SoCal Patriots, as well as efforts to clean up the Republican party and promote true servant leaders within the party.

If you live in our jurisdiction (which encompasses Whittier, La Habra, and some surrounding cities) you can sign up to be a voting member and help us chart our path forward.  The prime goal of WLHRA is to take back the Republican party for the people. If you would like to become a member click here to get more information.